A Good Time to prepare for Winter Burning

As a local Monmouthshire Chimney Sweep, the Summer brings welcome respite. So, for those with Woodburners, Open Fires, Ranges and Biomass Boilers, I would share some words to help you prepare for the winter season.

Check For Bird's Nests

It is common for birds to nest in your chimney over the Spring/Summer period. Signs that birds have nested are twigs, sticks and bird droppings in grate, noises from bird activity in the flue or stove, and birds making an ‘appearance’ in your living room. If you think you have a nest or have just moved into a new property, late summer is a good time to get it checked as fledging’s will have flown. The nest can be removed, and a special camera used to check the flue is clear. I would tend to fit a bird guard to the top of the flue to ensure birds cannot return to nest again.

Book Early

September, October and November are generally my ‘peak’ working months. With the recent lockdown restrictions and more people working from home, I expect there to be high demand again this year. I always advise to get sweeping appointment booked in before these months to avoid a lengthy wait.

Test Your Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Any room that has a stove, fire or range should have a Carbon Monoxide Alarm fitted. Testing it regularly is a good habit and make sure you check the expiry date. I carry a stock of alarms in my van and can provide and fit if you do not already have one.

Stove Maintenance and Safety

If you have a stove/woodburner, I will check it over for any issues. It is common to find cracks, broken parts and malfunctioning air controls. During a recent sweep appointment I discovered a hole in the stove behind the baffle plate. The owners didn't use the stove often and as I was there to sweep 2 others, thought I might as well sweep this one too. This stove was only used 'at Christmas', undiscovered, this potentially could release harmful Carbon Monoxide and fumes into the room. Can you see the hole in the photo?

Further Information

There is more advice including full service details and prices by clicking the link below. My Facebook page has regular posts and updates along with customer testimonials. For bookings and general advice, please phone 07875 687517 or e mail, johnnythesweep@gmail.com.